BYYU unlocks the full potential of a digitally controlled file-to-factory manufacturing process. It directly connects design to manufacturing, by means of an intuitive user-interface, that allows the end-user to design within the bandwidth of the industrial manufacturing process. This unlocks the possibilities of the industrial and professional manufacturing process for bespoke unique objects. An unbroken digital chain from design to realization also allows for iterative optimization of the proposed design solution. Hereby the bespoke furniture of BYYU is structurally optimized to reduce material usage, as well as optimized for manufacturing to reduce the required raw material and the production of waste, for each object that is produced..

The products of BYYU are exemplary of new thinking in design. A strategy in which the integrated process from design to production is as important as the product itself. By using mass production technology to produce series of unique elements this approach opens up a completely new realm of individually crafted objects with an unprecedented degree of customization.

Rather than exploring the possibilities of new manufacturing processes, BYYU develops the potential of existing manufacturing processes, by creating a platform for the client to digitally control them. BYYU opens up the industrial CNC manufacturing process for bespoke design objects, designed by the end-user. Hereby BYYU introduces a new form of artisanship where the plasma cutter is the new chisel and the hacker is the digital craftsman.

BYYU is a close cooperation between Innovation Studio ONL and manufacturer Hieselaar Nederland BV. The process that is behind BYYU´s products goes far beyond the scope of the traditional working environment of the designer and the manufacturer. It combines advanced knowledge of design, parametric, programming, manufacturing and logistics into an integrated system. In order to realize this system, the knowledge of Hieselaar Nederland bv has been essential, to understand the possibilities of the available machines and the data that is needed to control them. ONL has incorporated this advanced knowledge of material behavior and manufacturing process into their design models, in order to realize a process that is continuously adaptive and dynamically controls the complete production of our products.

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Design team

Kas Oosterhuis

Pieter Schreurs

Gijs Joosen

Frano Bazalo

Deniz Önengüt

Artwork cushions

Ilona Lenard

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